“How To” and “Why To” Minimize Your Wardrobe

When I began my minimalist journey, my wardrobe was the first to go! It is one of the easiest places to start when you begin to minimize your life. It takes less than an hour (usually) and you can see real and quick results, in my opinion this is a great starting point that will fuel transformation.

Where to Start

  1. Decide what your style truly is, not what you wish it was or what you see on blogs and magazines. Most likely these are the pieces you actually wear and therefore the only clothes you should have in your closet.
  2. Get rid of that bright orange sweater, and that horrible fitting dress. First get rid of the things you know you never wear but for some reason still hold on to. I found that these items took up over 50% of my closet!
  3. Now to through and try the rest of your clothes. Yes this will take some time but it’s key to refining your wardrobe. If you feel beautiful and comfortable in it, KEEP IT! If you don’t it’s time to toss! These will likely be the pieces your regularly try on for an outfit but for some reason never wear out of the house.
  4. Left will be roughly 20 to 30% of your previous clothes! It will feel incredible! If the thought of this terrifies you, THAT’S OKAY! You can even keep the bags of your old clothes in a closet for 30 days, that way if you realize you threw away something you love and find value in, then you can get it back. But I can almost guarantee that you will not even remember what is in those bags.


The “Why To”

When we begin to simplify our lives, our wardrobes are a great place to start. The issues of Fast Fashion are so prevalent and they have encouraged us to collect massive wardrobes. But when we begin to simplify what we have, you are left with resources to invest in incredible pieces that will last a lifetime and are empowering someone around the world.
The beauty of a minimalist wardrobe is that you have only what you actually love, and feel beautiful in. I no longer try on an outfit and hate it, and now I know that virtually anything that I throw on will look good, and most importantly I will feel great in!


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  1. Jami Fowler says:

    Great post, thank you!


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