Zero Waste Lifestyle

What is Zero Waste?

Zero waste is a movement that challenges us to reevaluate the way that we consume. While I am not fully zero waste yet, I have adopted many of its principles and ideas, and have radically reduced the amount of waste that I produce. For some it means that they will no longer consumer or use products that will not be recycled, rotted or up-cycled. For me it means that I will do whatever in my power and what I can with my current resources to reduce waste.

My main forms of waste were food packaging, food waste/scraps, and beauty products. In order to reduce these, I found alternatives from using mason jars for all my food storage, pantry and leftovers, wearing only makeup that I make from bulk minerals, and buying produce without packaging, composting my food scraps and bringing my own bags.

The 5 R’s

The five R’s were written by Bea Johnson as the five main steps to reducing your waste, and transiting to a zero waste lifestyle.

  1. Refuse what you do not need
  2. Reduce what you do need
  3. Reuse by using reusable items and buying used
  4. Recycle what you cannot refuse, reduce, or reuse
  5. Rot the rest (compost)

Zero Waste Resources

As I wrote in The Curated Life, the goal of this website is not to go in depth in each of these issues but rather to show how I chose to balance my life in terms of wellness movements and then to give resources and other people that go in depth into each of these movements.

My favorite bloggers who write about zero waste are Bea Johnson of Zero Waste Home and Lauren Singer from Trash is For Tossers.

Why Zero Waste is Important

I will always write the “Why To” on any post about a movement. Because I truly believe that while it may be intriguing, if we do not understand its importance of the movement, our efforts will soon fall short.

As Americans we are consuming FAR too much! We have grown accustomed to our throw away lifestyle, and it is killing our planet! The average american throws away 4.4 pounds of trash a day, for one point of reference we throw away over 400 to go cups per person per year. That’s a whole lot of trash, that could so easily be reduced by keeping a reusable jar or cup in our bag.

I urge you all to go watch a few of the countless environmental documentaries on Netflix that show our need to reduce our consumption!

Aside from environmental issues there are huge health issues tied to the using of plastic, from BPA to toxic plastic leaching. Do a quick google search and you can read all about the massive issues there are with plastic.

I never want to leave you or even myself hopeless, there is so much that we can do individually and together as a community to radically reduce our plastic usage, improve our health and our environment. Lets encourage each other to live more holistically, and see the radical impact that we can all have when we live in accordance with our values! 

Bethany Bishop 


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