Nut Butter Cups (Vegan, Paleo and Low Sugar)

I don’t know about you but sometimes I just have to have a little bite of chocolate after dinner. But while I love dark chocolate, I don’t love the packaging, unknown ingredients, and the price. So these homemade, 4 ingredient nut butter cups are perfect!


1/3 cup of coconut oil

1/3 cup of cocoa powder- unsweetened

1 to 2 tablespoons of organic maple syrup

pinch of salt *optional*

1/4 cup of nut butter (peanut, almond, cashew, etc)



  • melt coconut oil in double boiler, then add in cocoa powder and maple syrup until it is a thick and smooth consistency
    • transfer to a small piping bag
  • place 10 mini cupcake liners on a plate
  • pipe a small amount of the chocolate in the base of the liners
  • add about a 1/2 tsp of nut butter on top of each cup
  • top off with a second layer of chocolate
  • freeze until firm, and store covered in the fridge



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  1. These look so delicious! I’ve been wanting to try to bake and cook with coconut oil but it’s always seemed a little daunting. I’m not a huge fan of coconut — does it have an overwhelming coconut flavor?


    1. No it doesn’t! I feel that sometimes with coconut oil, but the cocoa is pretty dark and covers it up!

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