30 Day Minimalism Game!

During the month of March, Hayden and I are going to be playing the 30 Day Minimalism Game! Each day we will post on our Instagram Story the things we will be getting rid of, and we would love for you all to join us as we simplify our lives!

How It Works 

The game created by The Minimalist’s , has you start at the beginning of a month and get rid of one thing the first day, two the second, three the third, four the fourth and so on and so fourth. at the end of the month you will have gotten rid of over 400 items. As a current minimalist, I am not sure I have enough things for this but were going to jump right in!

Please join us as we go through the month!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lindsay says:

    Just packed up 5 bags of clothes, odds and ends, tech gadgets, and more. Had to purge all at once. Taking it one day at a time is too tough for me!


  2. Sydney Kate says:

    Best o luck! I will be following!
    Please check out my blog http://www.gypsyminimalist.com, you would enjoy my recent post!


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